Casual chitchat about random things like hobbies, tips, current favorites, and more.


I like to draw during my free time and I’m happy to share illustrations of my main character Milky and her friends.


I just started on my island on Animal Crossing and I love to share some snippets of my island, Winterbree.

It’s the love month! This month’s theme is about sweet things so cupcakes, candies, and chocolates are what I had in mind. Sharing my cupcake themed phone wallpaper and printable calendar! Click the icons to download.

You are free to download the calendar and wallpaper for personal use only. Unauthorized use, distribution, republish and reprint for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you wish to share it in your social media, please tag me at @buhnniestudio

Check out my unboxing video of the BTS World Tour Love Yourself, Speak Yourself London DVD now up in my YouTube channel. 👉🏼