Happy 2023 Everyone!

January 2023 – Wallpapers

Check out my January Wallpapers in my blog.

My Digital Sketchbook

Take a peek at my creative endeavors; sharing the bits and pieces of my imagination brought to life using Procreate. From fun art to fan art, the creative possibilities are endless.

Explore the wonderful world of Buhnnie Studio’s resident characters – Milky, Miggy, and Star.

Visit my Digital Sketchbook

Into the Blog

Nothing fancy-schmancy, just casually writing about my illustrations, art progress, shop updates (yes, I have a shop), and lifestyle.

If you fancy a light read, please check out my blog.

Read my Blog

Shop Handmade Stickers and Stationery

I have a local online shop which is open to Philippine customers only. You can check out my handmade stickers and stationery goods via Shopee PH.

Shop Buhnnie Studio

Find me on Ko-fi

You can also find me on Ko-Fi! I post downloadable contents such as phone wallpapers, printable calendars, e-cards, and more.

Your support would mean so much so I can continue on with my creative journey. Every donation I receive from Ko-fi will be used to fund my plans in opening up an international online store. If you want to buy me coffee, you may do so by clicking here. Thank you in advance for your support!

Cozy Autumn Wallpapers!

Check out my October 2022 FREE phone wallpapers. This month’s theme is Cozy Autumn Days Inspired by fall/autumn things. There are three phone wallpaper designs to choose from.

(For personal use only)

Click here to view the list of wallpapers on Ko-fi.

No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with brands or products mentioned in the posts unless indicated.

Please do not copy, trace or reproduce any of the illustrations posted in this blog with the intention to claim, sell or produce products and make a profit out of Buhnnie Studio’s original works.

Reposts and shares are appreciated but kindly tag @buhnniestudio for proper crediting of the artworks and illustrations.


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