Weekly Spread – Nov. 23-29

I haven’t shared my weekly spreads for a while so I thought it would be a good time to share my autumn themed weekly spread. With autumn in mind, I have designed my weekly spreads in different shades of brown, orange, and yellow. As we approach December and the change of season, that would mean a change of colors so I decided to savor this theme for a little bit.

Contrary to my usual pastel and colorful themes, this month carries some more muted tones but I still find my spreads cute nonetheless. I love how these simple pages turned out so I’m happy.

Leaves of different shapes and colors were spread on top of every page, boxes placed vertically to write the days of the week, and a small box at the bottom to write down important notes that happened during the week.

Ever since I transitioned from the typical dotted notebooks to the binder refill type of planner, I’ve been enjoying my journaling experience even more. I find that it gave me more flexibility to organize my life. I can place dividers to segregate my work, my personal plans, blog and art work plans, and even my notes from when I take online classes. If I want to put something else, I can simply detach the notes that I don’t need and replace them with something else. I could refill the pages of my binder if I need more space to write on. Another thing I love about my binder is that I could attach clear pockets to hold receipts or other important papers.

I’m also having fun sort of dressing up my planner. Recently, I added a couple of keyrings at the bottom to make my planner look pretty. I first bought my BT21 Shooky Metal Keyring since I’m obsessed with BT21. Well, Shooky looked lonely so I got another keyring. This time, I got if from one of my favorite online shops who sells amazing stickers and post cards, Lovesoup. I found this Lovesoup Peachy Enamel Keyring so adorable and perfect.

What do you think of my autumn themed spreads? Are you also into bullet journaling? What’s your theme for November? Share them with me in the comments. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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