Hello December!

Just like that it’s already December. To be honest, this year felt like the most unproductive time of my life. With the lockdown and restrictions caused by the pandemic, life’s movements have become limited, and some businesses and jobs were even put to a halt.

Even though I’m already looking forward to next year, I still can’t help but get excited with December. It’s my birth month after all. To celebrate this month, I’ll be posting some free downloadable calendars, wall papers, and e-cards (which will be posted randomly). I’ll post updates on Instagram and Twitter so you can check out my accounts (@buhnniestudio) from time to time.

Free December wallpaper for your phone!

This calendar features Miggy the puppy and Star – two of Buhnnie Studio’s main characters. Click the photo to check it out.

Hope you like my free wall paper. I also have a free December calendar which you can print and use on GoodNotes. This week’s e-card design is also available which you can check out here.

All illustrations were made with love and I hope they can somehow bring a smile in your face (even just for a tiny bit). Have a wonderful December and see you in my next blog!

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