A Merry Winter in Winterbree

I started playing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon a couple of months ago and it was a fun experience building the entire island from the ground up. From small tents and camping cots to well built houses, a grand museum (partly filled with fishes, sea creatures, bugs, fossils, and some famous sculptures and paintings), and a more legit looking Nook’s Cranny, the island has improved so much. Not to mention the grandeur of our Town Hall nesting in the middle of the island and just in front of our plaza where K.K. Slider performs every Saturday. Our once grassy and weedy paths are now incorporated with brick, stone, and wood. It is no longer the untouched island it once was.


This month, our humble island of Winterbree has received a five star rating! Finally, after weeks of daily chitchat with Isabelle, she delivered the good news and even gifted me with a golden watering can. Alas! A FIVE STAR ISLAND! I have to admit, Winterbree is still far from what I envisioned it to be since we are still making improvements as soon as resources become available; but it looks far better from when I first step foot in it together with my old time neighbors, Lyman and Myra.

“Winterbree, once a deserted island, untouched by civilization…earned the best possible ranking! – Isabelle

Isabelle’s words still lingers and subconsciously brings an uncontrollable glee from time to time.

After hearing the good news, I had to take a mandatory photo with Tom and Isabelle to commemorate our island’s new milestone. I was actually going for a more candid photo but both Tom and Isabelle came prepared.

By the way, how are you liking my hat? I just visited the Able Sisters to pick-up this new head-to-toe outfit before heading over to the Town Hall for the island evaluation.


This week’s update was pretty exciting because the whole island is covered in snow. That’s right, SNOW! Buhnnie woke up in some winter wonderland goodness. Everything is covered in white and snow flakes are often seen floating around waiting to be caught. As Isabelle mentioned in her morning broadcast, we can put together two snow balls to create a snowman/boy. After a few failed attempts, I was finally able to make Snowboy!

My little Snowboy was standing just beside the ramp in front of our mini bar and billiard hall. He was a bit complain-y about his appearance though because his head sits a little heavy on top of his small body.

As much as I want to modify him in some way (put some stick arms or something), I can’t do anything anymore. To compensate, I would visit him from where he stands as often as I could. We would chat and I would hear the same complaints about his disproportion body. He also mentioned that it was his birthday and wanted a cake without the candles so I ran home to get my mom’s homemade cake and placed it in front of him. I’ll let him have it for a while although we might need to share in a couple of days because it will also be my birthday soon.


1. Chill afternoon at Mathilda’s place. Huck also came over to read his book. Can you tell I got a little comfortable? I took a quick nap. Can you blame me? I got pretty tired terraforming the other half of the island.

2. Museum date with Lyman. While the rest of us are all bundled up for the winter, Lyman opted for a more laidback, summer-y look visiting the museum. He braved the cool winter breeze wearing a sports tank. Being a good friend, I actually offered him a cozier outfit.

3. Star Wars play in the town plaza. I’m no stranger to some of my neighbors running around freely in the the town hall (not caring if they bump into you). They seem to really enjoy it. I was taken aback one night when I saw them playing with what appears to be a lightsaber. It kinda felt like I was being transported to a Star Wars set surrounded by a couple of Jedis. I got a bit jealous because I also want one.

Share your Animal Crossing experience with me in the comments. I’d love to know about them too. I hope you enjoy my little #acnh game update. Until next time!

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