Start of Spring

I remember two years ago, I was planning the itinerary for our Osaka, Japan trip. A month before that, I was in Seoul with my friend and it was the coldest trip I have ever had. Living in a tropical climate, I like to travel during the spring time to somehow experience a nice, cold(er) weather. I thought to myself, it’s nice to walk around the city all bundled up for a change.

With the pandemic still around, my plans of going abroad for Spring has been set aside. Since I don’t think I can travel any time soon, I’ll just hang in my room, turn the AC on, and keep dreaming about Spring.

This month’s wallpaper and calendar theme is inspired by Spring. I wanted a design that is just simple and only composed of a few colors. At first, I thought of flowers but then again it’s already an obvious choice for spring so I decided to just go for colored leaves instead. Was my explanation weird? Haha! Anyway, I hope you like this month’s design.

If you have any design suggestions for next month, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to make a design based on your suggestions.

Click on the photos to download the wallpaper or calendar.

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