April 2021 Easter Theme Downloads

I’m actually not surprised anymore of how time flies really fast. We are now in the second quarter of 2021! This week, we were placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine which means only essentials are allowed to open like groceries, banks, food services, etc. We also follow a curfew from 6:00PM to 5:00AM. Even though my business could be greatly affected by this quarantine, I’m not really complaining because we all wish to lessen the sudden surge of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Anyway, I’m not really here to talk about that so let’s move on. 🙂 I want to share this month’s free digital calendar and wallpaper. For this month’s theme, I went for Easter bunny. The little bunny plays in a meadow filled with so many flowers.

I hope you guys enjoy this month’s theme. Let me know if there are ideas or themes you wish to see next.

Click on the banners to download

Size of the characters is different from actual file. The actual file has smaller characters.

These materials are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Printing or distributing for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to share them in your social media, please give proper credit to the owner by tagging this handle: @buhnniestudio for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. @justbuhnnie for Facebook.

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