Ice Cream June

Hello everyone! We are already half way through the year and I’m not even surprised. I’ve been a little busy lately with work businesses and barely touched my iPad to draw anything. I even forgot to make a wallpaper for May but as promised, I will make one for June.

Where I’m from, the weather is mostly humid all year round. When it is not extremely sunny, it is rainy. Right now, it is extremely HOT! I can’t even manage to stay outside for too long. Our electricity bill sky rocketed for a couple months now because we have to turn on the AC during the day time.

Lately, the hot weather has made me crave for ice cream and thus the inspiration for this month’s theme. I’ve been thinking about ice cream and pastel colors; both are pleasing to my eyes. I wanted this month’s theme to look refreshing with cooler tones.

I hope you all enjoy this month’s downloadable desk calendar and wallpaper. I’ll see you again soon!

June Wallpaper
June Desk Calendar

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