Day In The Life: ACNH Version – 01

I’ve been a huge fan of Day in the life videos on YouTube as I find them relaxing and entertaining at the same time. I never thought that watching random people film their daily activities can be enjoyable; and I find some of them quite relatable. Even though I enjoy such videos, I don’t think I’ll have the same amount of courage to film myself in public since I’m awfully shy. I’d rather express myself by blogging rather than vlogging. I’m not closing any doors though. I might muster up some courage someday… who knows?

Just for fun, I thought of making a Day In The Life blog with my ACNH Winterbree resident, Buhnnie. Sounds like a silly idea (I know) but admittedly, she has more fun filled days than my actual life (LOL). There are even days when I picture myself living her life – a life filled with simple joys and basking in a carefree life in the company of her friends.

As I contemplate on this idea, I thought of making it a comic strip type blog but it might take long since I have to edit and include scripts in each picture. Let me know what you think; I’m open to ideas. In the meantime, I’ll just make it a story book type with a third party narrator telling Buhnnie’s island story.

Saturday at Winterbree

Buhnnie started her Saturday heading over to the beach and spent some time at the island carnival. She basked under the sun, never minding the waves that were crashing on her feet as she waited for fishies to come by the shore. She would glance left and right waiting for sharks to come and say hello. Blathers awaits for new friends to fill-up the museum she recalled.

Unsuccessful in catching a fish, she left the beach and took a quick detour to the town hall where she noticed Flick, the bug dude waiting out front. She noticed a nice, little tent and asked Flick what was up. It’s Bug-Out Day! he exclaimed. No wonder everyone had their nets out looking all busy roaming around the island. She wanted to join in on the fun and spent almost the rest of the day looking for bugs with the rest of the neighborhood.

What better way to spend the rest of the afternoon than to take a nice, long, uninterrupted nap. All that cardio chasing bugs took a big chunk of her energy so she needed a little fueling up.

After a refreshing nap, she went to the museum for a quick stroll. Admiring all the beautiful butterflies she caught and donated to the museum, she sat there with pride thinking, “wow, I caught them all”

At home, she checked up on her recent project the Mermaid Room – an underwater escape at the comforts of home. Countless days of picking up corals and shells by the shore finally paid off. The room now houses her prized possessions, her collection of favorite fishes and sea creatures, and her pet turtle Snappy.

The night was particularly wonderful. She always enjoy some night time fishing. With snacks and fishing rod in tow, she spent a couple of hours fishing with only the light from the moon keeping her company.

Before heading home, she made a quick stop at the pocket garden in front of her house. Admiring the glowing stars she hoped to see a shooting star. She didn’t see any 😦

Buhnnie watching Lord of the Wings (the scene with Saruwan commanding his army of Oks 😂)

Finally, she headed home. She went straight to the living room, dimmed the lights and watched her favorite movie, Lord of the Wings to cap the night.

Sunday is finally here!” Buhnnie felt refreshed. She excitedly woke up early to find Daisy. “Today’s the day for Turnips” she muttered.

Day In The Life: ACNH Version is a blog series which show snippets of Buhnnie’s daily island life. These are not actual events but rather fictional stories based on the gameplay.

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