September Downloads

Hello friends! It’s time to change wallpapers and desk calendars once again. I’m kinda proud of myself for posting September’s free downloads a little earlier than my usual late posting. I guess I got a little bit of free time in my hands. This month’s theme is Floral Bunny. I’ve been thinking of remaking my Buhnnie logo and even been rethinking of my drawing style. Right now, I’m still not that confident and satisfied with my drawing style and I’ve been in constant look out for inspiration. As I drew my new buhnnie, I just let my hands do its work and so far I’m satisfied with the finished product.

This month’s theme came from the word Dainty. I wanted something simple and dainty and thought of flowers. So yeah, I’m introducing the new Buhnnie with floral accent.

Anyway, you can download my new phone wallpaper and digital calendar by clicking below the image. I hope you enjoy this month’s free downloads.

Download Wallpaper Download Desk Calendar

Feel free to download my wallpaper and digital calendar for PERSONAL USE only. Please don’t trace, use, recopy, repost, distribute, print, and claim my art for commercial and business use. If you were to repost my work, please give credit and tag me on your socials – @buhnniestudio.

Thank you for supporting my monthly downloads. If you have suggestions for next month’s theme, just message me or email me your ideas at

See you in my next blog!

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