Illustration Update – September

Hello friends! I just updated my Illustrations page with my recent drawings. I think the last update was March this year and it has been several months now. Recently, I’ve been trying to make my drawings more cohesive. I’m very much into chibi and cute things so I try my very best to come up with cute illustrations that I’ll enjoy. I also try to limit the brushes that I use with every drawing. I used to experiment a lot on brushes and in some of my illustrations, I would use more than five types of brushes. With my new drawings, I drew them more simply using a maximum of three brushes. I might be using more pastel colors in the future too.

Also, I made some changes in my instagram account. I archived old illustrations to make way for the new ones. Like I said, I wanted to be more organized and cohesive with my drawings so I had to start fresh. My Buhnnie logo also changed to go with the same drawing style as my illustrations.

My new Instagram profile

New Instagram Profile

Comparison of my previous logo and my new logo.

Original logo
New Logo

In line with the new updates I made, I’ll try my best to update my illustrations on Instagram, Pinterest and also here on my website.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and hope to see you here again soon.

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