October 2021 – Digital Download

Hello everyone! I’m pretty excited for this month. Honestly, I started to do the theme for October around the first week of September which was really early (told you I was excited). I started practicing my new art style around the same time. For October’s theme I did a quick research of what other people draw to look for some inspiration and I kinda saw a lot of pumpkins. I figured, it has been a while since I drew a pumpkin thus the inspiration for the theme.

Milky, Miggy, Star, and their ghost friends are getting ready to hunt for more candies and they are already preparing for Halloween. They are carving some pumpkins, putting up decorations and costumes.

I hope you enjoy October’s Digital Download and please if you like any of my illustrations, please feel free to like and share in your social media accounts just tag me @justbuhnnie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The wallpaper and digital calendar are absolutely FREE for personal use only. Please don’t copy, trace, post or print my illustrations or works for commercial or business use.

Click on the images to download on your device

If you guys have suggestions for next month’s theme or anything you want to see in my blog or illustration requests, please feel free to leave it in the comment section and I will try my best to get to your suggestions or requests. Have a nice day and stay safe! See you again on my next blog.

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