November 2021 – Digital Download

It’s November! Wow, in just a few days it’s already Christmas. I know a lot of people are also looking forward to Thanksgiving but since I’ve never celebrated it (I’m not even sure if our country celebrates Thanksgiving), I tend to be more excited for Christmas.

With Christmas in mind, I thought of having two color palettes for this month and have a total of 6 downloadable files with 3 files per color palette.


  1. November Calendar Wallpaper
  2. November Calendar
  3. November Desk Calendar


  1. November Calendar Wallpaper
  2. November Calendar
  3. November Desk Calendar

This month’s theme is Cozy Day at the Park. Living in a tropical climate, we never get to experience snow. Whenever I watch my favorite Christmas films, I get to see a lot of snow covering the streets and Christmas trees. Those movies were the inspiration for this month’s theme – Milky and Miggy sitting at the park to watch the snow fall.

Download them here:

I hope you enjoy this month’s design and illustration. If you have any suggestions for next month’s design, please feel free to drop me a line here or you can email me at I’ll try my best to consolidate all your suggestions.

As always, I’m happy to share these downloadable files with you for your PERSONAL USE only. Please do not copy, trace, reproduce, steal, or distribute any of my illustrations or downloadable items with the intention to sell or make profit in any platform not limited to physical, electronic, or digital sales.

Likes and shares are greatly appreciated so please tag me at buhnniestudio in any of my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

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