January 2022 – Wallpaper and Calendar

Happy New Year everyone! As my first post for 2022, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who have been reading my blog posts, and to the regular supporters of my wallpapers and calendars. I truly appreciate your support for my illustrations. Also, I’m beyond thankful to the new friends I gained last 2021 in both my Twitter and Instagram accounts. As a novice artist, I honestly have doubts in terms of my creativity and I’ve been worrying a lot whether people like my illustrations or not. Getting positive comments and the increase in my follower count became my strength to push forward and to strive to become better with my craft. I hope you can still join and continue to support me this 2022. As a resolution, I’ll try to be more active in posting here on the blog and to create more illustrations and products that will excite you. Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

This month’s wallpaper and calendar theme was inspired by the New Year Sticker Sheet that I created for my shop. Milky and Miggy were preparing to celebrate the new year with some party poppers and fireworks. The color palette was inspired by this year’s Pantone (based on what I read). Just like last month, I have two wallpaper designs: 1) Regular Wallpaper 2) Calendar Wallpaper

Just a quick note that starting this year, all monthly wallpapers and calendars will be posted on my Ko-Fi. They are still ABSOLUTELY FREE but should you wish to tip me for my artworks, you may also do so. If it is your first time to use Ko-Fi, just follow these steps:

To download the file for free, just put zero (0) on the amount portion then click GET NOW.

If you wish to tip me, just put any amount then click GET NOW.

You will be redirected to a page then put in your email address and nickname then click CHECK OUT NOW.

Once you successfully check out, click VIEW CONTENT on the next window that will pop-up and then DOWNLOAD the file.

Click on the photo of the file you want to download:

I hope you enjoy this month’s downloadable files just as much as I enjoy making them for you. Thank you for dropping by and I’ll see you again in my next blog.

If you have any theme requests for next month’s wallpaper and calendar design, feel free to drop me a line in the comments or you can also email me at justbuhnnie@gmail.com.

All downloadable files are for personal use only. Please do not trace, copy, reproduce, or share my illustrations and works for the purpose of selling or making profit. You may share them on your social media accounts but please tag me @buhnniestudio.

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