New Year 2022 Shop Update

Last December I opened my store on Shopee selling a few Christmas themed sticker sheets, greeting cards, and a memo pad. I was thinking of just making some for myself and for a couple of friends but then decided to make some more, and post them on Shopee. I already made a few sales before I opened my store so even if I only made a couple of sales on Shopee that didn’t stop my enthusiasm from making more sticker designs for this year.

I was surely pressed for time making my new sticker designs but I’m ecstatic to announce my new products for 2022! 7 new designs which are perfect for your planners, bullet journals, or diaries. I have 3 New Year themed deco stickers and 4 journal stickers that are writable for planning your goals this year, looking back at the things that happened last year, and tracking the habits you want to do this year.

Cute decorative stickers for your planner including a resolution sticker sheet. (Approx. size is 3.8″x5.7″) All of the sticker sheets are available in Vinyl Matte paper which are smudge proof, UV proof, and semi-waterproof (it is waterproof but not advisable to be placed in mugs, tumblers or anything that can be exposed to too much water).

The Journal Stuff stickers are made of Regular Matte sticker paper which are writable and UV proof but not waterproof. (Approx. size is 3.8″x5.7″)

These sticker sheets are perfect for bullet journals and even your planner.

Aside from the sticker sheets, I also have a matching memo pad that is also New Year themed.

These memo pads are available in limited quantity but will be available for pre-order for bulk orders.

These new stickers and memo pad are already available in my Shopee store as of writing. Unfortunately, the store is only open to Philippine customers. Even if I don’t have a store open to international customers, I’m willing to sell a digital version of the sticker sheets on my Ko-fi page. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in buying a digital version which you can print and cut on your own.

I hope you guys enjoy my new shop update. I’ll see you again soon on my next post.

Happy New Year!

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