How I use my May Calendar and Wallpapers

Every month, I try to (consistently) release free content like wallpapers and digital calendars to my readers and friends on social media. I started making monthly wallpapers in December 2020 (if I can recall correctly) and decided to add digital calendars sometime in 2021. Admittedly, I have not been consistent since I only have the chance to do them during my free time. What prompted me to make such content was the lack of good wallpaper choices on my iPhone. Plus, I like the idea of making a personalized phone wallpaper. At first, I kept them to myself because I wasn’t confident that people would like them (talk about impostor syndrome). One day, I just decided to go for it and share my designs on my blog. I only got a couple of downloads but I was undeniably ecstatic. That small number of downloads became my reason and inspiration to go on. That was the beginning of my free calendar and wallpaper journey.

With the recent release of my May Phone Wallpapers and Digital Calendar, I thought of sharing with you how I personally use them. This month, I created three phone wallpaper designs:

  • Calendar Type
  • Minimalist Type
  • Short Quote Type

I use the Short Quote Type wallpaper for my Lock Screen since I enjoy reading something positive once in a while. It looks simple and clean but not too plain.

Short Quote Type

Learn to enjoy the little things in life. – a short quote that reminds me to appreciate the little things in life. It makes me feel grateful even for the smallest wins and blessings I receive in a day.

For my Home Screen, I went for the Minimalist Type. I recently made some personalized icons for my phone apps and I thought of making a phone wallpaper that doesn’t look busy. The blank and neutral tone wallpaper went well with my new icons. The wallpaper better showcased the app icons which helped achieve a neutral and cozy aesthetic for my phone.

I plan on selling a set of icons in my Ko-fi shop. Let me know if you would be interested. The icons are based on the apps that I use on my phone and some icons may not apply to you.

The digital calendar I made also carries the same color palette. I usually use my digital calendars with GoodNotes but I decided to print it this month and placed it on my desk. I find it easier and more accessible especially in the morning.

Digital Calendar

I printed my calendar on 100GSM letter-size paper. I only write some important events, meetings, and deadlines for the month. The calendar also has a notes section on the right side. I write my priorities for the month and important things for my business.

All the wallpapers and my digital calendar are available on my Ko-fi Shop. You may download the monthly content for FREE but you can also donate a small amount to help with my art. Check out the links below:

A. Calendar Type –

B. Minimalist Type –

C. Short Quote Type –

D. Digital Calendar –

You can also follow me and my work here:

The calendar and wallpapers are free for personal use only. Please do not trace, copy, print or reproduce any of my illustrations or artwork for business or commercial use. I appreciate reposts and shares but please tag me @buhnniestudio I would love to check them out.


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