June 2022 – Wallpapers and Digital Calendar

Happy June 1st everyone! I was aiming for an earlier release for my wallpapers and calendar but I was kinda busy for the past two weeks that I wasn’t able to make them on time. I was even worried that I won’t be able to make and post them on time but luck was on my side and posted them last night on my Ko-fi shop.

This month’s theme is Rainy Day! It has been raining constantly for days now and I’m here for it. I love rainy days except when ordinary rains turn into storms. I love it, even more, when it’s raining and I’m just sitting (or laying) comfortably at home.

Opposite to my idea of spending the rainy days, Milky and Miggy love to play in the rain. They love being outside, getting soaked in the rain. The idea of both Milky and Miggy spending some time outside on a rainy day became my last-minute inspiration for this month’s theme.

Just like last month, I made 3 phone wallpaper designs for you to choose from and 1 digital/printable calendar.

Calendar Type
Short Quote Type
Minimalist Type
Digital/Printable Calendar

Click on the image of your preferred design/s above and it will redirect you to my Ko-fi page where I post my free content. Should you encounter problems in downloading, please feel free to send me a message at justbuhnnie@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to help you.

My monthly wallpapers and digital calendar are absolutely free. Just put $0 in the how much would you like to pay part to download. If you wish to donate any amount to support my art, you may also do so. Just type in any amount you want before you click get now.

I hope you enjoy this month’s phone wallpaper designs. All of my contents are for personal use only. Do not copy, trace, share, or reproduce my art for commercial use or for reselling and other income-generating activities.

Thank you and see you on my next blog!


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