July 2022 – Wallpapers and Digital Calendar

My July digital calendar and wallpapers are now posted on Ko-fi. I hope you guys like this month’s theme, NAP TIME. Milky loves to take naps any time of the day. While she naps, she still dreams about a cozy night. Have a cozy nap time with Milky.

July wallpapers have three designs to choose from:

  • Calendar Version – Use it on your lock screen to check the date. Click here to download.
  • Quote Version – If you fancy a short motivational quote, you can download the quote version here.
  • Minimalist Version – If you appreciate a simple design, just the illustration and nothing more, you can download the minimalist version here.

For your physical and digital planners, you can download my free digital calendar with the same theme. Use it on your GoodNotes or another compatible platform. You can also print it for your planners, and bullet journals or use it as a desk calendar. Download it here.

Buhnnie Studio phone wallpapers and calendars are free for personal use only. Do not copy, trace, or reproduce for commercial use.

I’d love to see you use my wallpapers and calendars so be sure to tag me @buhnniestudio on your socials when you use them.

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