August – September 2022 – Wallpapers

Hey guys. My apologies for being so quiet lately. I haven’t made an update for over a month as I was a bit busy. Honestly, I was hit by an art block and I felt (somewhat) uninspired to draw or write anything.

I posted the August wallpapers on my Ko-fi shop but I wasn’t able to make an update about it. If you want to check out last month’s wallpaper designs, click here.

Starting last August, I decided to just release two wallpaper designs instead of three. Also, I stopped making the digital calendar. As much as I want to release more variety, I don’t always have the time to make them. I just chose to make two designs per month.

I’m still contemplating if I want to start making the digital calendars for next year. I just need to devise a plan to consistently make them every month and avoid making them to the last minute.

For this month’s theme, I chose Autumn. My mind has been clouded with too many thoughts lately. As I was checking out photos for inspiration, I came across pictures that are related to autumn. I have to say, looking at rustic-colored leaves and pumpkins somehow calms me down. The colors bring out that cozy and relaxing vibe that I desperately need.

For my September Wallpapers, you may check them out here:

Please note that all wallpaper designs are free to download for personal use only. Do not recopy, trace, or reproduce for commercial use.

I hope you enjoy this month’s wallpaper designs. If you like to share your thoughts or if you have design ideas for next month’s theme, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Shares are greatly appreciated so please make sure to tag me at buhnniestudio on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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