September 2022 Shop Update

Finally! New designs are now live in my store. I have added some laminated sticker flakes/die-cut stickers, a loose memo sheet design, and art prints.

Aside from the regular items, I also released a limited edition, Spooky Series. The series has several Halloween-themed sticker sheets, a laminated die-cut sticker, and an art print. These items will run until supplies last.

On-going promotions for the month of September

Check out this month’s promotions for September. If you miss out on our 9.9 Sale, you can still check out our end-of-the-month sale from September 30 – October 2.

The Special Discount Promotion is exclusive to all members of my Facebook group. Join my Buhnnies Community on Facebook to get a special discount voucher which you can use when you shop from my store. The special voucher will be available until September 30 only.

For those from the Philippines, you can follow my Shopee store and get a 10% discount voucher which you can use when you shop from the store. The shop voucher will be available until September 30, 2022.


Check out the new designs released this month. I hope you enjoy this month’s designs.

I will be releasing a few more Halloween-themed designs sometime before the end of the month. Please look forward to it in a separate post.

Thank you for dropping by today!

Please do not copy, trace, print, or reproduce in any way all the art/illustrations posted in this blog. All illustrations and artworks are originally designed and owned by Buhnnie Studio.

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