November 2022 – Wallpapers

Hello! Another month is here which means a new set of wallpaper designs. For November, I decided to go for a cozy Cottagecore theme. This design features a newly revamped Milky.

As I was contemplating this month’s theme, I took inspiration from the hot matcha drinks that I’ve been seeing in my favorite vlogs. Personally, I’m not a big fan of matcha (I’m sorry) but that didn’t stop me from getting all inspired. I figured, I haven’t done any green colored themes for a long while (I can’t even recall doing a green colored theme) so I head on over to Pinterest to get some ideas. I came across some cozy, cottagecore related posts and voila!

You must be thinking about how getting inspiration from hot, matcha drinks ended up making cottagecore-themed drawings? Honestly, I have no idea. My thoughts are all over the place, bouncing from one idea to another.

Anyway, here are the new designs for this month. There are three designs to choose from. The Illustration and Calendar designs are more suited for your Lock Screen (for iPhone) but of course, it’s totally up to you. The Floral Background is more suited as a Home Screen wallpaper. You can mix and match the designs depending on your preferred aesthetic. All three designs are now available on my Ko-fi shop. As always, my monthly wallpapers are FREE for personal use. Please do not trace, copy, reproduce, or claim my art for the purpose of selling or commercial use.

For the month of November, I might release a couple more wallpapers that will be available for sale in my Ko-fi shop. I will post updates on my Instagram and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this month’s free phone wallpapers and this month’s theme. I appreciate your support for my art.

Buhnnie Studio Updates:

There are a couple of new (and exciting) updates that I wanted to share with you.

  • New Logo for the two years that I’ve been sharing my art on Instagram and Facebook, I think I changed the style of my logo several times. I have to admit that I always look for ways to refresh my logo every time I transition to a different art style.
  • Brand Name – For a little while now, I’ve been thinking about changing my art and shop name. I remember stressing about it for weeks. I can’t seem to find a better brand name. As I plan the future of my small stationery shop, I thought I should change my brand name to something more professional. I honestly went back and forth with this thought. Buhnnie Studio is starting to gain a following and my friends already know me as Buhnnie Studio so if I change it to something else, I might need to introduce myself again and my existing followers may not recognize my profile. Since I was torn between changing my brand name or not, I just decided to put The before Buhnnie Studio. From Buhnnie Studio to The Buhnnie Studio.
  • New Milky – I decided to make a few changes to my resident character, Milky. From pink hair, I decided to change it to a milk cholocate-y brown. Even Milky’s body structure changed.

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