This blog is a personal diary and a digital sketchpad of an introvert writer and a novice illustrator. A newbie entrepreneur who broke free from the corporate world to pursue her passion and dreams of becoming a successful #girlboss someday. She spends her free time reading self-help books, writing, drawing, doodling, bullet journaling, watching her favorite shows on Netflix, listening to motivational podcasts, drinking coffee, zoning out (at times), listening to her favorite male group, BTS, and playing with her dogs.

A frustrated writer, she started this blog to document her favorites, simple joys in life, poetry, love of books, bujo, art and illustrations, and some musings. This blog is her way of expressing herself, her creativity, and passion for writing. Around September 2020, she started her journey to digital art when she got herself an iPad and tried exploring the Procreate app.

As she juggles her time managing her existing business, blogging and making illustrations on the side as her hobby, she also dreams of opening her very own stationery and art store someday. That dream is still far from reality as she still explores her own drawing style but she’s already (slowly) laying the ground work to get to her dream.

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