August Wallpaper

I’m back after a month of not posting anything in my blog. I apologize if I wasn’t able to make a wallpaper and desk calendar last month. It has been a while since I drew my main character, Milky and her bunny costume. As I was thinking of a theme for this month’s wallpaper, I came across my old posts on Instagram and decided to just draw Milky in her bunny costume while she holds her carrot snack. The desk calendar will be a little bit delay as it is still in process but rest assured I’ll update this post once I’m done.

I hope you enjoy this month’s wallpaper. If you have suggestions for next month’s theme, just send me a message and I’ll try to create a theme based on your suggestion.

Click the board to download the wallpaper

Thank you for visiting my blog and I’ll see you soon with more updates and illustrations.

Ice Cream June

Hello everyone! We are already half way through the year and I’m not even surprised. I’ve been a little busy lately with work businesses and barely touched my iPad to draw anything. I even forgot to make a wallpaper for May but as promised, I will make one for June.

Where I’m from, the weather is mostly humid all year round. When it is not extremely sunny, it is rainy. Right now, it is extremely HOT! I can’t even manage to stay outside for too long. Our electricity bill sky rocketed for a couple months now because we have to turn on the AC during the day time.

Lately, the hot weather has made me crave for ice cream and thus the inspiration for this month’s theme. I’ve been thinking about ice cream and pastel colors; both are pleasing to my eyes. I wanted this month’s theme to look refreshing with cooler tones.

I hope you all enjoy this month’s downloadable desk calendar and wallpaper. I’ll see you again soon!

June Wallpaper
June Desk Calendar

Neutrals for May

Hello everyone! Apologies for the late posting of the printable calendar for this month. I sure was busy with my work and barely had the time to blog. I didn’t get to design the phone wallpaper as I was pressed for time. I promise that I’ll post a wall calendar next month.

I’ve been obsessing with neutral colors lately and I’ve been using too much neutrals in my product posters for my other businesses. For this month’s theme, I thought of Flores De Mayo so I visualized colorful flowers. However, my love for neutrals won so it’s still floral but in assortment of browns and beige.

I hope you still enjoy this month’s printable calendar. Print it or use it as digital calendar. As always, enjoy it for personal use and please don’t print, reprint, or distribute my work for commercial use.

Have a great day to all!

April 2021 Easter Theme Downloads

I’m actually not surprised anymore of how time flies really fast. We are now in the second quarter of 2021! This week, we were placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine which means only essentials are allowed to open like groceries, banks, food services, etc. We also follow a curfew from 6:00PM to 5:00AM. Even though my business could be greatly affected by this quarantine, I’m not really complaining because we all wish to lessen the sudden surge of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Anyway, I’m not really here to talk about that so let’s move on. 🙂 I want to share this month’s free digital calendar and wallpaper. For this month’s theme, I went for Easter bunny. The little bunny plays in a meadow filled with so many flowers.

I hope you guys enjoy this month’s theme. Let me know if there are ideas or themes you wish to see next.

Click on the banners to download

Size of the characters is different from actual file. The actual file has smaller characters.

These materials are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Printing or distributing for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to share them in your social media, please give proper credit to the owner by tagging this handle: @buhnniestudio for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. @justbuhnnie for Facebook.

Start of Spring

I remember two years ago, I was planning the itinerary for our Osaka, Japan trip. A month before that, I was in Seoul with my friend and it was the coldest trip I have ever had. Living in a tropical climate, I like to travel during the spring time to somehow experience a nice, cold(er) weather. I thought to myself, it’s nice to walk around the city all bundled up for a change.

With the pandemic still around, my plans of going abroad for Spring has been set aside. Since I don’t think I can travel any time soon, I’ll just hang in my room, turn the AC on, and keep dreaming about Spring.

This month’s wallpaper and calendar theme is inspired by Spring. I wanted a design that is just simple and only composed of a few colors. At first, I thought of flowers but then again it’s already an obvious choice for spring so I decided to just go for colored leaves instead. Was my explanation weird? Haha! Anyway, I hope you like this month’s design.

If you have any design suggestions for next month, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to make a design based on your suggestions.

Click on the photos to download the wallpaper or calendar.