How long have you been making illustrations?

Drawing has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. There were no iPads or tablets back then so I grew up doing the traditional drawing with my Staedtler HB pencil and Crayola. I used to participate in drawing contests at school and I would also practice drawing at home with my trusty sketch pad. I started my hands on digital illustration last September 2020. Procreate became my pill for anxiety and that’s when my journey to making digital illustrations began.

Where are you from?


Equipment you use for making illustrations?

11″ iPad Pro (2nd Gen), Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

Apps you use for making illustrations and editing?

For illustrations: Procreate

For editing: Adobe Photoshop (still learning and I’m not yet a pro), Canva

Do you have a store for your illustrations?

I’ll be opening a local online store very soon (December 2021 soft opening) which means Philippine addresses only. Please check my homepage and social media accounts for updates.

Will you be opening a store for international customers?

I sure will. Once my local online store is active, I’ll be working on another store dedicated for international customers.

Do you do commission works or customization of products?

At the moment, I don’t accept commission works or customization requests for products or illustrations. I still have a lot on my plate since I have another business that needs attending to and I don’t want to disappoint clients because of missed deadlines. I’m not closing my doors though.

Are you open for collaborations or sponsorships?

Absolutely! I’m open to doing collaborations BUT depending on my schedule and workload, I may not be able to accommodate all (thinking positively). Sponsorships are welcome too. For work related inquiries, please feel free to email me at justbuhnnie@gmail.com

Will you be doing vlogs?

I’m very open to trying out new things. I’ve been fascinated with studio vlogs that I can watch them all day. I plan on making studio vlogs (soon) in case anyone wants to see me work on illustrations and stuff.