Welcome to my digital sketchbook where I post all my drawings, illustrations, artworks, and everything that my hands made. I’m still figuring out my drawing style so my illustrations may not look as cohesive. Well, I do believe that art doesn’t need to be cohesive. It’s an imaginary adventure that needs to be explored.

What I use: iPad Pro 11″ (2nd Generation); Apple Pencil 2 Drawing App: Procreate

Note: Please do not reuse, republish, reprint my artwork/illustrations for commercial use. In case you want to share any of my illustrations in your social media, please give proper credit by tagging me @buhnniestudio.

December 15, 2020 – My 36th Birthday

Just like that I’m 36 years old. I had a spectacular surprise birthday party on Winterbree #animalcrossing and I even get to smash a lovely piñata filled with colorful birthday cupcakes (which I get to share with some friends). It was quite the opposite of my very low key celebration in real life. I spent majority of my day at the salon having my hair done then I just had dinner at Wendy’s then went home.

App used: Procreate Brushes used: Technical Pen, Soft Brush, Medium Brush, Gouache, 6B Pencil

December 14, 2020 – Buhnnie’s Holiday Outfits

Here are two of my favorite outfits for Buhnnie this holiday season. Before the snow envelopes the whole island of Winterbree, Buhnnie would parade her favorite dresses around earning her a few compliments from her friendly neighbors.

Left: Mermaid Dress from Pascal (in exchange for a scallop) Right: Pink Christmas tree inspired dress which she bought from the Able Sisters

App used: Procreate Brushes used: Technical Pen, Studio Pen, Soft Brush, Medium Brush, Gouache, 6B Pencil

December 4, 2020 – Happy Birthday Jin

I made this for Jin’s birthday. His outfit was inspired by the pajama he wore on their Life Goes On music video. I also included RJ of BT21 since he is the father of RJ also my favorite BT21 character. I wish I had more time to draw a decent background but for now, this would suffice.

App used: Procreate Brushes used: Technical Pen, Studio Pen, Soft Brush, Dry Ink, Gouache

December 1, 2020 – Happy Holidays Card

Inspired by my #AnimalCrossing character, Buhnnie. She’s already feeling the holiday spirit in her retro inspired outfit. Click the image to view.

This illustration can be printed or sent as an e-card for PERSONAL USE only. Reuse, republish, and reprint for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

App used: Procreate Brushes used: Shale Brush, Dry Ink Brush, Soft Airbrush, Luma Llama Texture Brushes – LL Sugar, LL Paper, LL Stucco

Just Buhnnie Avatar

I have a fan account dedicated to BTS and BT21 and I drew this avatar to represent me. Since BTS’ comeback album, ‘BE’ just came out recently, I decided to show my support by giving my social media accounts a fresh new avatar carrying the logo for the new album.

App used: Procreate Brushes used: Technical Pen, Studio Pen, Dry Ink, Soft Brush

Buhnnie and Flurry

In almost a month of playing Animal Crossing, I came across a few characters as Winterbree (our island name) opened its doors to new island dwellers. Flurry right here happens to be my favorite neighbor. She’s so sweet and adorable. Do you have a favorite neighbor too?

App used: Procreate Brush used: Shale Brush

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